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Scout Troops - Book a private event for your troop of 16 or more

or Join us for our New Monthly Girlscout Cooking Event (perfect for smaller troops)

Starting this year we are offering a Girl Scout Cooking Class Specially for your troops! . You can register your scouts online individually for the class and join us to cook up some fun. The Price is $20.00 per participant and is open to Ages 7 -14.

Please note: We have worked with the counsil to create the badge themed classes but will not be providing the badges, these classes are intended to meet the cooking requirements only.

Spring Quarter Dates for Upcoming Events: 


Please follow the "CLICK HERE" link or call 952-949-6799 to add your troop or individual Girl Scout to any or all of these dates. Thank You! 


EDEN PRAIRIE and SAVAGE locations!

Customized Field Trips, Book Your Scout Troop Event Today! (952) 949-6799

Looking for a new activity that is a fun, creative AND a learning experience? Bring your troop to the WAY-COOL Cooking School™! We will work

 with troop leaders to design a special class specific to your age group and needs. Learning has never tasted so good!

Choose from the following Menus for a Customized Event:

Menu 1: Pizza Dough, Pizza Sauce for making your own pizza or calzone, Flying Pudding & a Cookie
Menu 2: Minestrone Soup, Bread sticks and a Chocolate Marshmallow Treat
Menu 3: Chili, Corn Bread with Honey Butter & Cookies
Menu 4: Enchiladas, Fruit Salsa, & Cinnamon Crisps
Menu 5: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Breadsticks and a Chocolate Marshmallow Treat
Menu 6: Soft Pretzels, Corn Dogs and Lemonade
Menu 7: Chefs Choice—just ask, and we’ll try to create a special menu to meet your groups needs.Reduced Rates for Scout Troops:

Start Your Timers! Yes you really can have a meal on the table in 30 minutes from start to finish and we'll show you how.
Cook and Sample Three 30 Minute meals. This Week: Cooking With Turkey; Tetrazzini, Sliders, and Lasagna Roll Ups.

Priced at $20.00/person with a $250 minimum

We offer a variety of choices for troops to learn how to cook and the ability for them to earn a variety of badges!

We have adaptable menus to earn Badges for the new updated Girl Scout & Boy Scout Books too!

Boy Scouts:

  • Cooking Merit Badge

  • And More!

Girl Scouts:

  • Simple Meals Badge

  • New Cuisines Badge

  • Snacks Badge

  • Locavore Badge

  • Eating For Beauty Badge

  • And More!

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