Scout Troops

Scout Troops - Book a private event for your troop of 16 or more or Join us for our New Monthly Girlscout Cooking Event (perfect for smaller troops)

Starting this year we are offering a Girl Scout Cooking Class Specially for your troops! . You can register your scouts online individually for the class and join us to cook up some fun. The Price is $15.00 per participant and is open to Ages 7 -14.

Please note: We have worked with the counsil to create the badge themed classes but will not be providing the badges, these classes are intended to meet the cooking requirements only.


March  30     2:30-4:00 PM   Simple Meals Badge

April     27    2:30-4:00 PM    April Showers Bring May Flower Cupcakes & Cookies

May      25    2:30-4:00 PM    Snacks Badge

EDEN PRARIE and SAVAGE location!

Customized Field Trips, Book Your Scout Troop Event Today! (952) 949-6799

Looking for a new activity that is a fun, creative AND a learning experience? Bring your troop to the WAY-COOL Cooking School™! We will work

 with troop leaders to design a special class specific to your age group and needs. Learning has never tasted so good!

Choose from the following Menus for a Customized Event:

Menu 1: Pizza Dough, Pizza Sauce for making your own pizza or calzone, Flying Pudding & a Cookie
Menu 2: Minestrone Soup, Bread sticks and a Chocolate Marshmallow Treat
Menu 3: Chili, Corn Bread with Honey Butter & Cookies
Menu 4: Enchiladas, Fruit Salsa, & Cinnamon Crisps
Menu 5: Spaghetti and Meatballs, Breadsticks and a Chocolate Marshmallow Treat
Menu 6: Soft Pretzels, Corn Dogs and Lemonade
Menu 7: Chefs Choice—just ask, and we’ll try to create a special menu to meet your groups needs.

Reduced Rates for Scout Troops:

Priced at $15.00/person with a $250 minimum

We offer a variety of choices for troops to learn how to cook and the ability for them to earn a variety of badges!

We have adaptable menus to earn Badges for the new updated Girl Scout & Boy Scout Books too!

Boy Scouts:

  • Cooking Merit Badge

  • And More!

Girl Scouts:

  • Simple Meals Badge

  • New Cuisines Badge

  • Snacks Badge

  • Locavore Badge

  • Eating For Beauty Badge

  • And More!

Book Your Scout Troop Event Today! (952) 949-6799